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Information literacy skills and nursing students

This session, Teaching Information Literacy Skills to Undergraduate Nursing Students: A Collaborative Approach, will be presented at the 42nd Biennial Convention of the Honor Society of Nursing on Monday, 18 November 2013.

Suzanne E. Zentz, DNP, RN, CNE
College of Nursing, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN
Kimberly Whalen, BBA, MLIS
Library Services, Christopher Center, Room 267, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN

Learning Objective 1: Describe information literacy skills necessary in implementing evidence-based practice.
Learning Objective 2: Explain two teaching strategies that promote the adoption of information literacy skills.

From the Abstract:

In spring 2012, a collaborative approach to teaching was instituted by embedding a librarian in the nursing research course and integrating information literacy content throughout the semester. Additionally, a research log which required students to document the systematic process used to access the best evidence for their EBP project was introduced. Students’ abilities to effectively and efficiently search, analyze, and synthesize the best evidence will be determined through comparison of student cohorts. Analysis of data from EBP projects and research logs across multiple semesters is in progress. Implications for nursing education, practice, and research will be discussed.