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Government Collaboration

Munigov 2.0, a collection of government folks dedicated to fostering the use of Web 2.0 tech in government, is the focus of a new article on Collaboration in Government. The article was published in the Government by Collaboration newsletter and was reprinted, in its entirety, on Bill Greeves’ blog (he’s one of the founders of the Munigov 2.0 site). The article discusses the ways that Munigov 2.0 can be used to help collaboration efforts in the government arena. Most libraries are some soft of governmental entity, so we should be participating in this and giving the government agencies around us the benefit of our insights and information. Of course, by doing this, we can forge new relationships with organizations that might benefit our libraries, too!

The article is a nice introduction to what Munigov 2.0 is doing for government agencies that are trying new ways of collaboration and can be a wake-up call for librarians who need new partners in these tough economic times.