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Cross-Institutional Collaboration in Ireland

Maria Rogers and Keith Brittle presented “The Benefits of Cross-Institutional Collaboration” at the DBS Annual Library Seminar on June 13, 2014. They even gave a plug for the journal on page 7 (PDF). Thanks!


This presentation discusses inter-institutional collaboration in the Higher Education sector in Ireland with a particular focus on academic library collaborative initiatives and networks. It begins by asking ‘what is collaboration’? and where collaboration sits within a continuum of partnership. It highlights that true collaboration requires invested parties to relinquish a certain degree of autonomy in order to achieve a common goal. Key collaborative networks and initiatives within the sector are listed with a particular focus on the history of collaboration between academic libraries. Collaboration between private higher education institutions is discussed with particular emphasis on perceived barriers and changes that are bringing about increased collaboration. Cooperative and collaborative exchanges between DBS and NCI are also discussed as well as opportunities for future collaborative projects.

Collaborative information seeking is getting more international interest

This paper, “Supporting Collaborative Information Seeking and Searching in Distributed Environments,” [PDF] is going to be presented at the LWA 2013 Conference in Bamberg, Germany this October.

“LWA stands for ‘Lernen, Wissen, Adaption’ (Learning, Knowledge, Adaptation). It is the joint forum of four special interest groups of the German Computer Science Society (GI).”

Collaboration at the National Library of Scotland

Martyn Wade
National Librarian and Chief Executive
National Library of Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
In this IFLA conference report, the author notes:
The development of shared services, particularly for back office services, is an increasingly important issue for library and information services. NLS has developed a deep and ground breaking collaboration with National Galleries Scotland which will incrementally merge back office services including HR, IS/IT and facilities management whilst further exploring areas such as retail and enterprise services. The first successful shared service is a joint fund raising body established in the United States.
He mentions collaboration in other parts of the report as well.

Is outsourcing services a form of collaboration?

This is from The Guardian newspaper in the UK. “London Metropolitan University to outsource most services to private firm. Contract valued at £74m includes handing over IT, library facilities, student counselling and careers advice”

Nicola Dandridge, chief executive of Universities UK, said at the time: “Universities have wanted to develop more cost-effective operating models, and more creative collaborations with external partners. But to date, the VAT rules have acted to block this. We hope today’s announcement will address this issue.”

International Resource Sharing and Document Delivery: Principles and Guidelines for Procedure

The IFLA Document Delivery and Resource Sharing section has updated the International Resource Sharing and Document Delivery: Principles and Guidelines for Procedure.  The new updated version (February 2009) can be found here: http://www.ifla.org/en/publications/international-resource-sharing and is available in English, German, French, Italian, Czech and Russian.  First agreed by IFLA 1954; Major revision 1978, modified 1987; Major revision 2001; Revision February 2009.