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Qualitative Study on Research Collaboration

LIBER Quarterly published an article on research collaboration in UK academic libraries  in its recent issue. The article discusess the results of a qualitative study undertaken by Sheila Corrall from the University of Pittsburgh to explore how libraries are organizing resources and services to support research endeavors.

Full Citation:
Corrall, S. (2014). Designing libraries for research collaboration in the network world: An exploratory study. LIBER Quarterly, 24 (1). ISSN 2213-056X

The full text of the article is available here.

Research Data Collaborative launched at Harvard Library

Harvard Staff to launch program offering training and workshops on topics including data security, storage, archiving, preservation and curation.

New OCLC Report Recommends “Regional Consolidation of Services”


March 27th, 2010
New Report, “Research Libraries, Risk and Systemic Change”

DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 25 March 2010— “This report provides an overview of the most significant risks facing research libraries and suggests strategies to mitigate them.  OCLC Research engaged an organization experienced in conducting risk assessments for corporate, governmental and educational clients to identify the most significant risks facing research libraries in the United States. The data collected was assimilated, ranked and analyzed, which revealed a convergence of perceived risks and yielded a shared perspective on a landscape of challenges facing US research libraries.”

The “Strategies for Mitigation” includes the following:

“We believe that increased reliance on shared infrastructure along with increased outsourcing and regional consolidation of services will enable more rapid deployment of the services that research library users want and need moving the following risks into a more acceptable range of impact and occurrence.”

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