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Upcoming Webinar: Health Happens in Libraries

OCLC’s WebJunction is offering a webinar on Thursday, March 27th at 2PM EST titled “Health Happens in Libraries: Prioritizing Patron and Partner Engagement”.

This webinar will focus on how libraries can integrate health information according to the best practices developed by the Health Happens in Libraries project team. If you are interested, you can register here.

OCLC and Yelp collaboration

OCLC library data now supplementing listings to improve public access to library information.

Two more items concerning OCLC

OCLC and ProQuest work together to automate e-book collection management. “This new collaboration automates the process to keep e-book holdings from ebrary and EBL–Ebook Library up to date in WorldCat and library catalogs and offers current links to library users for easy access to those titles.”

This next link is about a webinar sponsored by OCLC and Library Journal, Wednesday, November 13th, 2013, 1:00–2:00 PM ET.

Implementing change: Realizing the results of collaborating in the cloud
“Libraries share many common challenges: scarce resources, increased user demand and ever more complex collections, systems and workflows. To help manage these challenges, today’s cloud-based library management services are offering workflows that save time and discovery solutions that meet users’ expectations.”

OCLC Collaboration Program Recording Available

OCLC hosted a day long meeting on October 15th titled “Getting off the Island: Collaborating to Create Boundless Collections”. Recordings from this session are now available.  This site also links to presentation materials and an archived chat.

Collaboration Meeting from OCLC – In Person or Online

OCLC is hosting a day long meeting at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA on October 15, 2013 from 9:00AM to 3:30PM PST. This event will also be available online.

“Getting off the Island: Collaborating to Create Boundless Collections” is described as being an interactive program that focuses on collaboration in collections. Visit this page to get more information or register for the event.

The Power of Groups: Collaboration and Innovation (OCLC)

“Consortia are experimenting with new forms of collaboration to improve their services, demonstrate their value and increase the visibility of their members. During ALA, we hosted a session that featured three individuals from different consortia. These presentations demonstrate creative approaches to new ventures through strong partnerships.”

Power Of Groups TRLN

Power Of Groups KYPL

Power Of Groups Orbis Cascade


Cooperation on the Mega Region Scale

OCLC has a new Research publication: “Print Management at “Mega-scale”: A Regional Perspective on Print Book Collections in North America” by Brian Lavoie and Constance Malpas, Program Officer JD Shipengrover

Excerpt:  “This report explores a counterfactual scenario where local US and Canadian print book collections are consolidated into regional shared collections based on the mega-regions framework. We begin by briefly reviewing the conclusions from the Cloud-sourcing report, and then present a simple framework that organizes the landscape of print book collection consolidation models and distinguishes the basic assumptions underpinning the Cloud-sourcing report and the present report. We then introduce the mega-regions framework, and use WorldCat data to construct twelve mega-regional consolidated print book collections. Analysis of the regional collections is synthesized into a set of stylized facts describing their salient characteristics, as well as key cross-regional relationships among the collections. The stylized facts motivate a number of key implications regarding access, management, preservation, and other topics considered in the context of a network of regionally consolidated print book collections.”


OCLC WorldShare

OCLC is introducing something called Worldshare.

OCLC WorldShare provides a Web-based platform for collective innovation with shared services, integrated applications and a streamlined approach to managing library workflows. Together with WorldCat, WorldShare helps the world’s libraries connect in new ways to operate, innovate and collaborate at Webscale.

Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale

“OCLC Web Scale Series


Sharing Hands In an effort to help member libraries streamline administrative services and therefore increase efficiencies and cost savings for member libraries, LYRASIS has partnered with OCLC to share Web scale knowledge and experience with the library community.

The new partnership allows both organizations to focus on providing libraries with consulting, education and engagement programs. To help you learn more about how Web scale is revitalizing traditional services by sharing workflows, activities and data, LYRASIS and OCLC present a series of FREE, regionally based events:
WMS Header

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how to lower your costs, make your services more efficient and improve your users’ overall experience. During this FREE series, you and your staff will:

  • Learn the benefits of Web scale from library technology experts with actual Web scale experience
  • Discuss issues, ideas and solutions with peers and early adopters
  • Explore the Web scale landscape with options right for you
  • Engage in readiness activities to help you prepare for Web-scale Management Services”

Virtual Events
February 10, 2011: Live Online
February 24, 2011: Live Online

OCLC & Connecticut Lib Consortium Partnership Announced

News releases

“OCLC and the Connecticut Library Consortium announce partnership DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 13 October 2010—OCLC welcomes the Connecticut Library Consortium as a new partner in the OCLC Partnership Program.

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