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NISO announces the availability of “RFID in U.S. Libraries”

The National Information Standards Organization has announced the availability of “RFID in U.S. Libraries” (NISO RP-6-2012), a revision of the

2008 Recommended Practice that provides a set of practices and procedures to ensure interoperability among U.S. RFID implementations in libraries. By following these recommendations, libraries can ensure that an RFID tag in one library can be used seamlessly by another, assuming both comply, even if they have different suppliers for tags, hardware, and software.

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NISO August Webinar: Tangible Assets: Management of Physical Library Resources

NISO’s August webinar on Tangible Assets: Management of Physical Library Resources will be held August 10, 2011 from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. (Eastern time).

Although access to digital information is ubiquitous today, there is still a very solid demand for material in physical form. Libraries spend significant time and resources in the storage, preservation, and delivery of physical items, which remain critical to the core library values of user access and resource sharing. Yet in today’s financial environment, libraries must find ways to be more cost-effective, ideally without reducing service levels. Presenters in this webinar will discuss their recent efforts in making their work with physical materials as efficient as possible and share their creative solutions for managing these still-valuable library assets.

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NISO Recommended Practice on Physical Delivery of Library Resources

NISO Recommended Practice on Physical Delivery of Library Resources Available for Public Comment Identifies Methods for Reducing Resource Sharing Delivery Time and Costs 

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the availability of Physical Delivery of Library Resources (NISO RP-12-201x) for a public comment period ending on August 21, 2011. The physical delivery of library materials is an integral component of the library resource sharing process. Despite the ever-increasing availability of electronic journals, e-books, and other digital resources, the movement of physical items remains a major concern and a major cost for many libraries. In one state, borrowing of returnable items increased by 107.4% in six years. A recent study showed that the average academic library spends more than $6,800/year for delivery services, with some libraries paying as high as $60,000.  Continue reading

Collaboration and NCIP 2.0

Developer collaboration leads to implementation of NCIP 2.0

Early this spring a community of library developers interested in interoperability between discovery interfaces and integrated library systems formed a working group to build on the work of the DLF ILS-DI Task force. After several months of collaboration between this developer community and OCLC team members, we are excited to announce our plans to contribute an implementation of version 2.0 of the NCIP standard, derived from the OCLC Web-scale Management Services codebase, to the eXtensible Catalog’s open-source NCIP Toolkit.

In case you are wondering, NCIP is the NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol. The standard is “intended to address the growing need for interoperability among disparate circulation, interlibrary loan, and related applications.”

It’s in the Mail: Improving the Physical Delivery of Library Resources

“Tired of all the focus on electronic resources when you’re still dealing every day with delivering those physical resources–like books? Then NISO’s May webinar on “It’s in the Mail: Improving the Physical Delivery of Library Resources” is for you.

Resource sharing of physical formats–whether books, DVDs, CDs, or audiocassettes–continues to play an important role in library service, as does moving those materials between libraries and from a library directly to a patron’s home or office. The issues around how to deliver library materials quickly, securely, and cost-effectively can be immense. So what are the best ways to provide physical delivery of library materials?

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“OpenURL — Knowledgebase quality — Sign-on authentication — Scholarly linking recommendations — Usability metrics — Cross-device accessibility 

If you’re dealing with any of these issues in providing services to your users, then you’ll want to attend NISO’s one-day forum on DISCOVERY TO DELIVERY: CREATING A FIRST-CLASS USER EXPERIENCE on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, Atlanta, GA. NISO educational forums are routinely praised for their excellent selection of speakers representing a diversity of viewpoints across the scholarly information community and the small size which provides opportunities to network with speakers and other attendees.

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Library Resource Management Systems: New Challenges, New Opportunities

“Library Resource Management Systems: New Challenges, New Opportunities
October 8-9, 2009 Metro Meeting Center Boston, MA

Join NISO for a two-day forum in which we will consider the issues related to library resource management systems and the consequences for customers, users, vendors, and developers. During this event, we will:
    * Explore the effects of changes to the library community on system suppliers’ business models
    * Compare the benefits and disadvantages of commercial and open-source systems through real libraries’ experiences
    * Examine the implications of placing library systems in the cloud
    * Address the need for interoperability between library management systems and other systems at work in the library
    * Consider how information standards can help all stakeholders cope with this shifting terrain

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