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LYRASIS launches website on open source software

ATLANTA – (January 18, 2012) – LYRASIS is pleased to announce the launch of FOSS4LIB (Free/Open Source Software for Libraries), a website dedicated to providing guidance about open source software for the library community.

With funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, LYRASIS Technology Services is leveraging the expertise of its open source development team and consulting staff to help librarians and technologists navigate through the planning, decision-making and implementation processes associated with open source. “Open source software enables libraries to improve their services in cost-effective ways. Through the FOSS4LIB website, library professionals will be able to more effectively assess and meet the needs of their staff and users through open source,” said Kate Nevins, Executive Director of LYRASIS.

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Lyrasis: Make the move from server serfdom to the cooperative cloud

“To help you get the knowledge you need, OCLC and LYRASIS have partnered to present a series of FREE, regionally based member discussions, Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale. We invite you to come discover how Web scale is revitalizing traditional services through shared workflows, activities and data. At these events, you will build a community of support as you tackle various scenarios alongside colleagues and experts, while planning your library’s first steps toward Web scale.

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Moving Library Cooperation to Web Scale

“OCLC Web Scale Series


Sharing Hands In an effort to help member libraries streamline administrative services and therefore increase efficiencies and cost savings for member libraries, LYRASIS has partnered with OCLC to share Web scale knowledge and experience with the library community.

The new partnership allows both organizations to focus on providing libraries with consulting, education and engagement programs. To help you learn more about how Web scale is revitalizing traditional services by sharing workflows, activities and data, LYRASIS and OCLC present a series of FREE, regionally based events:
WMS Header

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out how to lower your costs, make your services more efficient and improve your users’ overall experience. During this FREE series, you and your staff will:

  • Learn the benefits of Web scale from library technology experts with actual Web scale experience
  • Discuss issues, ideas and solutions with peers and early adopters
  • Explore the Web scale landscape with options right for you
  • Engage in readiness activities to help you prepare for Web-scale Management Services”

Virtual Events
February 10, 2011: Live Online
February 24, 2011: Live Online

“Helping Libraries Thrive: Keeping Our Eyes on the Strategic Objectives”

Check out this thoughtful article on the new economies of libraries and how cooperative purchases need to change by Tom Sanville, Director of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships at LYRASIS.

Excerpt: “Let’s start with the hard realities. The prospects for library budget growth are minimal even as user expectations, information production and information prices all are on the rise. To boot, the increasingly rapid expansion and rate of technology changes require an almost constant retooling of library technology. And, contrary to popular belief, the quality information that library users need was not free in print and other hard formats, and it is not and will not be free in electronic formats—at least not the most current information. These realities have intensified, but they are not new. For decades, libraries have developed the means to sometimes overcome and to sometimes simply cope with these hard realities. How do they do it? They employ the primary tools of cooperation and collaboration.”

LYRASIS forms an ILL & Resource Sharing Advisory/Interest Group

From LYRASIS News, Oct 26, 2010

“Your participation and involvement in LYRASIS is critical to the development of programs, product offers and services that benefit member libraries and library professionals. Please consider joining a Member Advisory/Interest Group. We have created them to provide a platform for you to:
• Strengthen individual libraries through community, communication and collaboration.
• Share and collaborate with other libraries and LYRASIS staff on new developments, strategies, best practices and topics of mutual interest in the practice of librarianship.
• Provide advice and direction to LYRASIS staff in the planning and development of LYRASIS products, programs and services.
• Receive timely information about strategic programs, products and services, and valuable discounts that LYRASIS makes available to you and the library community at large.
Member Advisory/Interest Groups will meet and converse virtually, using specially created listservs.”

Link to the ILL & Resource Sharing LISTSERV