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Rethinking library resource sharing: new models for collaboration

Access the white paper for the presentation “Rethinking library resource sharing: new models for collaboration” from the IFLA World Library and Information Congress held in August 2013.

This presentation provides an overview of how resource sharing services are evolving to meet changing user needs for digital and global information. It also reviews some of the tools and standards that resource sharing practitioners are using to improve services, and highlights some of the emerging library partnerships/collaborations that are reshaping the boundaries of library and information resource sharing.

ASCLA: Future of Libraries

For those interested in the future of libraries; clearly collaboration should be a component of any discussion on Libraries of the Future.  Valerie

“Its purpose: This group is open to anyone with an interest in the future of libraries.  We will examine changes in the world around us, examine different service models, new technologies, determine what our customers value and what our non-customers are finding elsewhere.  We will submit a recommendation to the ASCLA President for two areas that we think libraries should focus on to increase their value and insure their viability in the future.

You may join this Connect community by going here: and clicking on the “join” button. You must sign in under your ALA login first. If you have any trouble using Connect, please refer to this tip sheet to get started in ALA Connect:  If you have any trouble doing this, we can try to add you manually – simply send a message to

Also, for those of you new to using interest group communities in Connect, here are the instructions for turning on email notifications for your communities:
– Login to ALA Connect using your ALA login.
– Click on “My Profile” on the left side of the page
– Click on the “Subscriptions” tab and follow the instructions at the top of the page to make your community active.”

Susan Hornung
Executive Director, ASCLA/RUSA

Collaboration is becoming an “Essential Strategy”

The Revolution Isn’t Just Digital

By Alan S. Inouye
For libraries, the growing importance of digital content has repercussions that go far beyond technology
American Libraries, Posted Wed, 01/11/2012 – 11:06

Excerpt: :Librarians must become more focused on sharing control, insofar as sharing (read: negotiating) is possible. For many years, collaboration has been a library strategy to improve efficiency, but it has been pursued more as a “nice to have” proposition—and properly so. The digital environment does not inherently respect physical or organizational domains, so collaboration becomes an essential strategy—both in its softer form as cooperative ventures and as hard-nosed negotiation.”

Collaboration Resource: “UpNext: The Future of Museums and Libraries”

Please join us in creating a resource to guide thinking about the future of libraries and museums!  From March 3rd until May 12th, 2010, IMLS will be encouraging dialogue about the big challenges and opportunities facing libraries and museums through UpNext: The Future of Museums and Libraries Wiki.  You are invited to participate in this collaborative space to share your voice and expertise.

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