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Collaborative academic database purchasing in New Mexico

More than two dozen higher education libraries recently purchased access for two years to 10 online research databases and two e-book collections via EBSCO Publishing.

Libraries at New Mexico colleges and universities will save hundreds of thousands of dollars after the schools worked together to purchase access to databases and e-book collections for students.

Plum Analytics and figshare Collaborate

Plum Analytics and figshare are collaborating to ensure that researchers get credit for their research.

Philadelphia — December 3, 2012 –In ever-growing efforts to provide a full picture of research and researchers, Plum Analytics and figshare are working together to provide metrics about the use of datasets. figshare has pioneered the sharing of research beyond the traditional publishing model by providing an easy mechanism for researchers to share datasets. These datasets include artifacts such as spreadsheets, figures, photos, papers, etc. figshare makes it easy for researchers to get credit for this research by publishing it in a discoverable way outside of journals. figshare keeps metrics such as views and shares for every dataset artifact so researchers and others can see which datasets are most used.

Oxford and Cambridge Collaborate

They are collaborating to “create digital versions of the catalogue records that describe their world renowned collections of Islamic manuscripts.”  The database is at

Thanks to Alastair and Gary for finding.

Vendor Compliance with COUNTER Helps Consortia with Database Statistics

“The first list of vendors/publishers compliant with Release 3 of the Code of Practice for Journals and Databases has been published on the COUNTER website ( ). Over 60 vendors/publishers are on this list, ahead of the deadline for Release 3 compliance, which is 31 August 2009. Only vendors/publishers compliant with Release 3 will be deemed COUNTER-compliant for journals and databases after that date. 
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