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Several ACRL Conference Papers

Here are several 2013 ACRL Conference papers that were presented in Indianapolis.

PDF – “Culture and Collaboration: Fostering Integration of Information Literacy by Speaking the Language of Faculty” by Laura Saunders

PDF – “Academic and Public Library Collaboration: Increasing Value by Sharing Space, Collections, and Services” by Daniel Overfield and Coleen Roy

PDF – “Becoming a Campus Assessment Leader: Collaborating for Campuswide IL Assessment” by Larissa Gordon

PDF – “Mapping the Motor City’s Cinemas: A Collaborative Digital Humanities Project” by Philip Hallman and Nicole O. Scholtz

PDF – “They Came for the Carbs, and Stayed for the Collaboration: Engaging Library Workers Across Units to Deliver Meaningful Learning Objects” by Lori Tschirhart, Breanna Hamm, Diana Perpich, Chris Powell, and Karen A. Reiman-Sendi


Conference – Big Talk From Small Libraries #BTSL

The Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference is sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries.  While I don’t see anything about collaboration in the schedule, it still looks like a very interesting conference.  I think it is free to register.  Below is a blurb about the conference.

We’ve been listening! A comment we’ve heard pretty often is that so many presentations at conferences seem to be by and for librarians from larger libraries. Well, Big Talk From Small Libraries will change that. This free one-day online conference is aimed at librarians from small libraries; the smaller the better. Each of our speakers will be from a small library or directly works with small libraries.

Topics will range from technology (new tech and old tech) to programming to new roles for the library. Come for the programs on what you’re dealing with now, or maybe try something new.

Everyone is welcome to register and attend, regardless of how big or small their library is, but if your library serves a few thousand people, or a few hundred, this is the day for you.

Connect, Collaborate and Strategize at the 2013 SLA Conference

The theme for the 2013 SLA Conference in San Diego is “Connect, Collaborate and Strategize: Making the Most of Opportunities & Collaborations.”  I’ll bet you a nickel that they will have more than just a couple of sessions dealing with collaboration.

Scholarly communication, collections, and collaboration

The Collection Management Section of ALCTS and the ACRL Science and Technology Section are hosting a forum at ALA Midwinter:

Title: Scholarly Communication and Collections: From Crisis to Creative Response
Date: Sunday, January 27, 2012
Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: Renaissance Seattle Hotel – Compass South Room

Over the past decade, consolidation of the publishing industry, accompanied by unsustainable pricing models has created a crisis in scholarly communication that affects universities, libraries, faculty, and students. Nationally and internationally, libraries are being forced to decrease access to scholarly publishing due to increasing journal costs and declining budgets. In response, libraries and scholars have taken a leadership role in the area of open access to deal with the crisis and attempt to make the current model more sustainable. As libraries continue to lead open access efforts, it is important to educate librarians on the issues of scholarly communication so they can collaborate with faculty and become a part of an effective scholarly communication program. In addition, it is vital for libraries to have a formalized strategy to incorporate open access into collection development policies and activities to continue this momentum. The ALCTS Collection Management Section and the ACRL Science and Technology Section are co-sponsoring a Forum to discuss these issues.

Speakers include:
Robin Champeiux – Oregon Health Sciences University
Lori Critz – Georgia Institute of Technology

Workshop on Collaborative Information Seeking, Feb. 24, 2013

Here is some information about the Third Workshop on Collaborative Information Seeking at the ACM CSCW 2013 Conference, February 24, 2013. San Antonio, Texas.

Information seeking is often not a solitary activity. The notion that people working in collaboration on information tasks should be studied and supported has become more prevalent in the recent years. The field of collaborative information seeking (CIS) is re-emerging, and bringing researchers and practitioners from various disciplines. This workshop will provide an opportunity to gather a motivated set of participants in learning and sharing their insights around theoretical foundations of CIS as well as its applications. The interactive nature of the workshop will allow the participants share their research, ideas, questions, and opinions with a goal of outlining an agenda for future research on collaborative information seeking, synthesis, and sense-making. The workshop will provide a venue to bring together those who have been working on CIS issues and those who want to plan their research agenda in this emerging field.

Open Access Advocacy through Collaboration

The PDF linked below was presented at the Canadian Library Association meeting back in June of 2012 by Jocelyn Godolphin, Concordia University Libraries. The session was “Building a Community of Practice for Scholarly Communication: Open Access Advocacy among Canadian Research Library Practitioners.”

(PDF) Open Access Advocacy through Collaboration: The Concordia Example

Three more articles/papers today

Here they are:

The first two are articles in the American Association of School Librarians journal, Knowledge Quest.

1) “Collaboration—It’s Not Just a Library Thing” by Carl Harvey, 2011-2012 AASL President, North Elementary School, Indiana

2) “Voyaging on the SS Library Leadership: Collaboration in Teaching and Learning at the University of Vermont”

A new series of online courses offered at the University of Vermont for school library professionals in practice provides opportunities to explore current issues within education and school librarianship in a sustained and supportive learning environment. This article presents the development of the flagship course, School Library Leadership in the 21st Century, that Judy Kaplan and Susan Ballard co-facilitated in Fall 2010. Judy and Susan collaborated in real and virtual time to plan and co-teach the course….

3) This paper by Wendy West and Katherine Latal was presented at the 2009 Charleston Conference, and it was archived at Purdue.

It Takes a Village to Raise an E-Journal: Collaboration through Necessity