Collaboration Research

“Collaboration can inform the purchasing of new resources (based on faculty research interests) as well as lead to conversations or partnerships for other activates. In the situation discussed here, one benefit has been an increased understanding of the needs and research practices of faculty in the Communication discipline.” “The Search for Elusive Social Media Data: An Evolving Librarian-Faculty Collaboration”. Journal of Academic Librarianship, Sept 2013, 39/5

“The research purpose was to learn about existing joint use public-academic libraries in Canada including their establishment, structure, benefits, and challenges and to determine the requirements for successful partnerships. Following a literature review, a short survey was conducted to gather data on the number, location, and types of public-academic library partnerships… The research surfaced three unique examples of joint use public-academic libraries. In addition, key requirements for successful partnerships that were posited through the literature review were supported by the research data – commitment, a shared vision, and a need that requires fulfillment.” “Working Together: Joint Use Canadian Academic and Public Libraries”. Collaborative Librarianship, 2014, 6/1


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