“ALA and the Reunification of LIbraries”

Library Journal excerpt “But while it may look like they’re growing apart, different types of librarians still have common ground. We must identify those commonalities to build a more unified ALA.

Whether we work in a school, university, or public branch, librarians share a few core values. We value unfettered access to quality information. We share a belief that order is a necessary precondition for access. Inherent in the idea of access is diversity: we do not discriminate in the provision of service or in the provision of materials. We respect intellectual freedom and protection of users’ privacy. We act on these values by being careful stewards of what has been entrusted to us: the collections, the facilities in which the collections are housed, the services provided by staff. Thus, we value preservation. Librarians act both to preserve the past for the present and preserve the present for the future. Libraries are physical—and now virtual—representations of a community of inquiry in which people ask questions of one another, of data, of texts, and of images.”


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