Breeding predicts “Uptick in Strategic Cooperation:

Library Technology Forecast for 2014 and Beyond
by Marshall Breeding

Excerpt from Information Today: “Libraries will pursue new opportunities for strategic cooperation to help strengthen their impact on their communities. Libraries have a long tradition of partnering with their peers to gain leverage beyond what is possible as an independent, isolated library. The concept of resource sharing and joint library automation or discovery infrastructure isn’t new. Libraries are naturally collaborative organizations, continually seeking to provide access to materials beyond their local collections on behalf of their patrons.

I expect the trend toward participation in larger implementations of library automation infrastructure to continue and accelerate. This year saw the launch of a shared ILS for the largest consortium in North America, that of the Illinois Heartland Library System, serving more than 427 libraries. Strategies for shared national automation infrastructure are underway for the public libraries in Northern Ireland, for most public libraries in Denmark, and for academic libraries in Scotland and Wales. These are just a few examples of a new wave of strategic cooperation.”


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