New project to treat computer code as a research object

This collaborative project is organized by the Mozilla Science Lab.

Code as a research object: a new project

Posted on December 11, 2013 by Kaitlin Thaney

Our newest project extends our existing work around “code as a research object”, exploring how we can better integrate code and scientific software into the scholarly workflow. The project will test building a bridge that will allow users to push code from their GitHub repository to figshare, providing a Digital Object Identifier for the code (a gold standard of sorts in science, allowing persistent reference linking). We will also be working on a “best practice” standard (think a MIAME standard for code), so that each research object has sufficient documentation to make it possible to meaningfully use.

The project will be a collaboration of the Science Lab with Arfon Smith (Github; co-founder Zooniverse) and Mark Hahnel and his team at figshare.


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