ACRL is hosting an Open Forum on Revised Information Literacy Competency Standards

Online Open Forum on Revised Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

In an email about the online forum, they noted that:

A task force, appointed by the ACRL Board of Directors, is substantially revising the seminal Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. First adopted in 2000, these standards have defined information literacy for librarians, educators, and assessment agencies. Join us for an open online forum on Nov. 4 to learn more about the work of this group, the direction it is taking in revising the standards, and, most importantly, share your input, reactions, and questions. As the higher education association for librarians, ACRL is committed to developing and maintaining forward thinking standards and guidelines that impact student learning across the campus community. The task force is working on a new approach that underscores the critical need for faculty members and librarians to collaborate to effectively address information literacy education that aligns with disciplinary content. Sign up now, or watch a recording of the first forum held earlier in October. The final forum will take place at noon central on Monday, Nov. 4.


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