Feminism, rhetoric, libraries and collaboration

Stanford University Library provided some meeting spaces for some of the 2013 Feminisms & Rhetorics Conference.  A post about the conference noted that:

On September 26th, Chris Bourg welcomed “FemRhet” attendees to Green Library’s Bing Wing Rotunda before Lisa Ede, professor of English at Oregon State University, delivered her keynote address. With the rotunda full of people, Ede offered encouragement for new faculty and made key points about the value and the importance of the feminist perspective in the academy. Ede touched upon the challenges of reinforcing the teaching but also reinforced the idea of continued collaboration amongst feminist scholars. Ede has a rich history of collaboration with Stanford’s own, Andrea Lunsford on various writing projects. This particular event highlighted the positive outcomes that creative collaboration fosters.


2 responses to “Feminism, rhetoric, libraries and collaboration

  1. Hi — thanks for highlighting our collaboration with the Feminisms & Rhetorics 2-013 conference. Just one clarification – the Stanford Libraries did not host the conference. We hosted a reception/talk, a few panel sessions, and a viewing of relevant items from our Special Collections. The conference itself was sponsored by the Stanford Women’s Community Center and the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.

  2. Thanks for the clarification. I will change the wording.