Open Access Journal Sting – the SPARC response

The nets have been burning with information about a sting of open access journals.  Cooler heads at SPARC and others offer a clearer picture of the situation.

The Directory of Open Access journals responded “Proactively, DOAJ has been working on new criteria for the best part of this year. The revised criteria will deter low-quality publishers from suggesting journals in the first place and will reveal those who fail to step up to the mark within the grace period. As far back as June 2013, DOAJ opened up the first draft of the revised for criteria for public consultation.

“The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) posted a thorough response acknowledging their awareness of the issue of low-quality editorial practices, and reiterating their commitment as a trade association to promote best practices in Open Access publishing. Their statement notes in part: “In our view the most important lesson from this recent article in Science is that the publishing community needs stronger mechanisms to help identify reliable and rigorous journals and publishers, regardless of access or business model.”


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