Library IT departments, communications, and collaboration

The article noted below was just published in the most recent issue of the  Code4Lib Journal.

Out From Behind the Firewall: Towards Better Library IT Communications” by Lisa Gayhart.

Within the the paper, she notes:

Have a Vision

The first step in any great plan is to decide on a goal. Why are we attempting to improve communications? Once articulated, distill your vision down to a single statement and use this statement to inform all of your communications planning and actions. For example, “Move from image of IT as a ‘gatekeeper’ and towards image of a partner, with a continued focus on user-first service” is a defined goal that can frame a communications planning process.

When brainstorming around goals and plans, take the time to talk with other communications resources within your library or organization. Aligning departmental communications with the brand and messages of the central institution is critical to success. Collaboration strengthens your communications process, integrates technology departments into a larger communications network, and provides consistency for your intended audience.

By Lisa Gayhart


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