The Library Publishing Coalition is a collaborative effort

Library Publishing Coalition: A Community-Driven Initiative to Advance Library Publishing by Sarah Kalikman Lippincott, Educopia Institute/Library Publishing Coalition; Katherine Skinner, Educopia Institute.

This will be presented at the PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference 2013, August 19, 2013 – August 21, 2013.

The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) is a new organization being founded by over 50 academic libraries to promote and support library publishing initiatives. As library publishing matures as a field, LPC aims to build a community of practice, aligning local/institutional efforts and facilitating inter-institutional collaboration.

The LPC’s distributed team of librarians, representing a wide range of institutions, is working together to design and build an organization that responds directly to the expressed needs of this community in areas such as training and professional development, networking and knowledge sharing, practical research, and advocacy. The project emerged from conversations between Purdue University, University of North Texas, Virginia Tech, and the Educopia Institute, about the need for centralized leadership in this emerging and increasingly important area.


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