From the NLM–Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project

Disaster Health Information Outreach and Collaboration Project 2013 (RFQ No. NIHLM2013697-KB)

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is pleased to announce for the third year the solicitation of proposals from organizations and libraries to design and conduct projects that will improve disaster medicine and public health information access for health professionals, first responders, and others (paid or volunteer) that play a role in health-related disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

Projects must involve two or more of the following information access categories:

  • Information needs assessment;
  • Roles in providing disaster health information;
  • Practices and methods in information sharing;
  • Skills development;
  • Information retrieval;
  • Resource development; and/or
  • Document access.

Emphasis is on providing information or access to health and medical information in a way useful to all-hazards preparedness, response and recovery workers, and increasing the awareness and utilization of high-quality, all-hazards, and emergency topics. The purpose is also to promote new and creative collaborations on disaster health information needs among and to the mutual benefit of librarians, information specialists, or informationists and the disaster workforce.

Eligible projects will be based on a partnership or collaboration that includes at least one library or information center and at least one non-library organization that has disaster-related responsibilities.

Awards are offered for a minimum of $15,000 to a maximum of $30,000 for a one-year project.

Proposals are due to NLM on June 20, 2013 by 2 pm ET.


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