A report on collaboration from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences Calls for Reorganization of the U.S. Scientific Enterprise to Meet 21st Century Challenges

The report, ARISE II: Unleashing America’s Research & innovation Enterprise, highlights the need for greater synergy between government, university, and industry research. It advocates for greater integration of theories, concepts, and applications from multiple scientific disciplines – biology, physics, medicine, engineering, and computer science – to solve the complex problems of the 21st century.

“Scientific and technological innovation has been vital to the economic prosperity and security of the United States,” said Leslie Berlowitz, President of the American Academy, “yet there is growing concern that the nation risks losing its position of global technological leadership. ARISE II examines the factors affecting America’s productivity in science and technology and suggests steps to encourage transdisciplinary and trans-sector research collaborations.”

I found this through Inside Higher Ed.

The PDF can be found here.


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