2012 Book from ALA Editions, Grant Money through Collaborative Partnerships

Grant Money through Collaborative Partnerships by Nancy Kalikow Maxwell
Publisher: ALA Editions
Price: $45.00

Because libraries are information and research centers, they can support a huge variety of grant funding initiatives outside their own purview. Cultural centers, businesses, and educational institutions are untapped resources for library funds. What’s more, many libraries may find that collaborating on a grant application with another organization is preferable to going forward with a time-consuming application of their own. But finding the right collaborative partner and securing a place at its development table can be challenging. Drawing on her extensive experience as a grant developer and library director, in this ALA Editions Special Report Maxwell

  • Presents an overview of grant basics, with extensive lists of both online and print resources
  • Suggests how to frame libraries’ research capabilities as benefits to the community at large, transforming these capabilities into a revenue source
  • Explores strategies for locating potential partners, with tips on approaching collaborators and establishing successful relationships
  • Describes what libraries can ask for from the grant developer, making sure to include what they want in the grant proposal

Maxwell offers an abundance of practical advice and encouragement for using this novel approach to secure additional funding for libraries.


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