An evaluation of the journal College & Research Libraries

Scientometric Analysis of Contributions to the Journal College and Research Libraries (1997-2011)

Mr. Ghouse Modin N. Mamdapur, Synthite Industries Ltd.
Dr. Iqbalahmad U. Rajgoli, Indian Space Research Organisation HQ.
Mrs. Aasia Kausar G. Mamdapur, Karnataka University

Published in the journal, Library Philosophy and Practice.

In this study an attempt is made to investigate the scholarly communications in College & Research Libraries journal during the period of 1997-2011 and to study the key dimensions of its publication trends. For the analysis of the study 15 volumes containing 90 issues have been taken up for evaluation. Necessary bibliometric measures are applied to analyse different publication parameters. It is found that, contributions of articles to each volume of College & Research Libraries is nearly consistent and on an average 32 articles have been published every year. Single authored articles are found to be the highest followed by two and three authored articles. The average degree of collaboration in College & Research Libraries is 0.57.


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