Sharing research data involves collaboration

This article noted below was published in JASIS&T last year.  Christine Borgman also posted her article to a repository.

Christine Borgman. 2012. The Conundrum of Sharing Research Data. Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology 63(6):1059–1078. (Subscription required to read the full text.)

From the full text:


As is evident from the above discussion of the purposes and approaches to handling data, investigators (and their collaborators, students, and staff) devote massive amounts of physical and intellectual labor to collecting, managing, and analyzing their data and to publishing their results. Data are the lifeblood of research in any field, but just what are those “data” varies by purpose, approach, instrumentation, community, and many other local and global considerations. Some of those data may be in sharable forms, others not. Some data are of recognized value to the community, others not. Some researchers wish to share all of their data all of the time, some wish never to share any of their data, and most are willing to share some of their data some of the time. These competing perspectives, the array of data types and origins, and the variety of local circumstances all contribute to the intricacy and difficulty of sharing data.


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