Collaborative work within undergraduate research programs

Here is a preprint of an article that will appear in College & Research Libraries in 2014.

A Survey of Library Support for Formal Undergraduate Research Programs by Merinda Kaye Hensley, Sarah L. Shreeves, and Stephanie Davis-Kahl

Within the text, the authors note:

The survey comments also highlighted the collaborative work librarians are doing within undergraduate research programs. Undergraduate research programs are taking advantage of librarians’ expertise to support the research process in ways which reside outside the “normal” scope of job duties. The survey results emphasize that libraries can establish strategic partnerships both in and outside the classroom with such programs and with the administrators and faculty who engage with undergraduate student researchers as mentors and collaborators. Institutional strategic planning initiatives present campus programs (e.g. libraries, teaching excellence programs, writing centers) with an opportunity to align their services within re-envisioned curriculum. We note that discipline-based undergraduate research is only one example of the AAC&U’s list of high-impact learning experiences of which librarians should be cognizant; the others include first-year seminars, learning communities, service learning, and internships. Regular environmental scans of undergraduate curriculum changes and campus activities will position librarians to adjust to a constantly evolving academic environment.


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