Advice from a recent MLIS graduate

There is a new book chapter from John M. Jackson.  It is “Getting Your MLIS Degree Online: Tips from a Recent Grad” in the book Continuing Education for Librarians.

Starting on page 44, he provides a section on technology.  He recommends that students learn more about collaborative technologies, social networking technologies and file organization.  The rest of the chapter looks pretty interesting, too.


2 responses to “Advice from a recent MLIS graduate

  1. This is really interesting (and reasurring). I’m currently doing the MLIS in UCD and found myself taking mostly technology focussed modules. I was worried I was missing out on some of the more traditional modules, but I hope having a technology background will help me when it comes to getting a job.

  2. LIS is certainly going in the direction of more technology. Having a good technology background can’t hurt you. Wish you luck.