HathiTrust collaboration continues strong after five years

2012 brought to a close the initial 5-year charter period that HathiTrust was granted by its founding institutions. 5 years later, the collaborative is stronger than ever. More than 70 academic and research institutions from around the world participate in HathiTrust, supporting a digital repository of 10.6 million volumes and a host of shared activities, all geared toward the provision of greater access to the scholarly and cultural record, more secure preservation, and greater research opportunities for our constituencies than we have ever had before. As we launch into a new year, and a new stage of HathiTrust, it is worthwhile to reflect on our progress and achievements in 2012. These include:

• A significant legal victory and affirmation of Fair Use in the case of Authors Guild v. HathiTrust
• Many new partners and a new governance structure
• A steady stream of technological improvements and enhancements
• Development of new services and infrastructure
• Continued engagement with our community in the form of presentations, discussions, and the HathiTrust Research Center Uncamp

A recap of activities in these areas and more can be read in the review, attached, and also available on our website:

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Best wishes,
Heather Christenson
on behalf of the HathiTrust Communications Working Group



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