Speed dating may lead more academics to collaborate

Here is another great post from Iris.

Digital Humanities Speed Dating

At the December gathering one of the profs there said what I think a lot of people were thinking when she admitted that she wasn’t speaking up because she didn’t know enough about the digital side of things to envision what she might do for a digital humanities project. She’s well aware of great digitization projects in her area, and web archives, but beyond digitizing things, what kinds of questions would she want to ask that computers could help her with? On the other side, the CS types said that they knew that computers could be great thesauri, but they didn’t really know enough about what keeps humanists awake at night to really suggest projects.

This seemed like such a fundamental question that we hatched a plan. We set up a “digital humanities speed dating” session. Humanists would come with some description of their own research, and CS-types would listen with their CS-perspective and would also talk about what they were working on. And maybe the more we knew about each other the more we would be able to see collaboration potential.


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