Aim for “less scary” collaboration

Yes, indeed. Take a look at this article from the new C&RL News.

Making assessment less scary: Academic libraries collaborate on an information literacy assessment model

Information literacy (IL) is widely recognized as a necessary skill for the information age, and post-secondary institutions and libraries spend large amounts of time and resources on information literacy instruction (ILI) programs. With tightening post-secondary budgets and increasing emphasis on meeting institutional learning outcomes, there have been continued calls from librarians, educators, academics, and library organizations to assess ILI.

This other article in the same issue may also be of interest.

Making an IMPACT: Campus-wide collaboration for course and learning space transformation

Most of us would agree that the roles of librarians have been changing with an almost mind-reeling rapidity. While this can be challenging, it also can provide excellent opportunities to support our students in their academic endeavors in new and meaningful ways.

At Purdue University such an opportunity arrived in the shape of a provost-initiated, campus-wide course redesign program called Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT). This initiative aims to bring active-learning to foundational courses traditionally taught through lectures.


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