The Value of Collaboration and Partnerships

Rebecca L. Mugridge, 2013, The Value of Collaboration and Partnerships in Cataloging, Cataloging & Classification Quarterly 51 (1-3):1-5. (Subscription required to view the full text.)

This article is from a Special Issue, Cataloging Collaborations and Partnerships so many of the articles may be of interest to you. From the introduction of the first article in the issue, the author noted:

The study also found that “[a]lmost two-thirds (65 percent) of libraries anticipate flat or decreased operating budgets in FY2012.”  In this environment, collaboration among libraries and other organizations can be a strategy to address our changing needs. Collaboration allows libraries to achieve more by sharing staff resources and sharing the burdens of cataloging projects and new initiatives.

There are additional benefits to collaboration. Libraries with small staffs can learn from each other and achieve more by combining resources. Such efforts bring more ideas to the table, enhance creativity, and increase librarians’ ability to solve problems.”


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