Technical Services and Cross-Institutional Collaboration

The benefits of coordinating skills and proficiencies across technical services in multi-type cooperatives

Authors Margaret Beecher Maurer, Julie Gammon and Bonita Pollock publish their findings and recommendations from an OhioLINK study. “Developing Best Practices for Technical Services in Cross-Institutional Collaboration.”

The OhioLINK CollaboraTeS Project was initiated to support cross-institutional collaborations by building a skills inventory and by defining collaborative best practices. This article discusses what was learned and defines best practices for collaboration. The authors recommend the creation of regional technical services skills inventories, and the application of management and financial best practices to collaborations. Librarians should be confident they possess these skills because many of them have been learned in other environments. Collaboration represents a bright future for libraries struggling to meet tight budgets. Providing the tools and best practices for collaboration makes it easier for libraries to participate.


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