Academic Libraries, Research Data Services, and Collaboration

The report noted below came out way back in June, but it was just recently blogged about at the ACRL Insider website.

Here is the full PDF for “Academic Libraries and Research Data Services: Current Practices and Plans for the Future: An ACRL White Paper” by Carol Tenopir, Ben Birch, and Suzie Allard.

Executive summary
As science becomes more collaborative, data-intensive, and computational, academic researchers are faced with a range of data management needs. Combine these needs with funding directives that require data management planning, and there is both a need and an imperative for research data services in colleges and universities. Academic libraries may be ideal centers for research data service activities on campuses, providing unique opportunities for academic libraries to become even more active participants in the knowledge creation cycle in their institution. Recently the academic library community has identified data curation as one of the top ten trends in 2012. Some academic libraries are already engaged in these activities, and others are examining ways they can best provide a range of research data services.


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