Three more articles/papers today

Here they are:

The first two are articles in the American Association of School Librarians journal, Knowledge Quest.

1) “Collaboration—It’s Not Just a Library Thing” by Carl Harvey, 2011-2012 AASL President, North Elementary School, Indiana

2) “Voyaging on the SS Library Leadership: Collaboration in Teaching and Learning at the University of Vermont”

A new series of online courses offered at the University of Vermont for school library professionals in practice provides opportunities to explore current issues within education and school librarianship in a sustained and supportive learning environment. This article presents the development of the flagship course, School Library Leadership in the 21st Century, that Judy Kaplan and Susan Ballard co-facilitated in Fall 2010. Judy and Susan collaborated in real and virtual time to plan and co-teach the course….

3) This paper by Wendy West and Katherine Latal was presented at the 2009 Charleston Conference, and it was archived at Purdue.

It Takes a Village to Raise an E-Journal: Collaboration through Necessity


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