Improved collaboration is needed among…

subject librarians.  This opinion piece just came out in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship. It was in the Viewpoints section.

Needed: Improved Collaboration Among Subject Librarians” by Claire A. Clemens and Valerie K. Tucci.

From the Introduction of the article:

Let’s work together! The library literature abounds with articles on embedded academic librarians – librarians who have strong working relations with faculty. What is often not addressed, however, is the need for partnering between subject librarians. The typical academic library appears to have subject librarians entrenched in information silos with invisible boundaries that other subject librarians dare not cross. The image of librarianship as a “siloed” profession seems particularly acute at academic institutions which have transitioned recently from normal schools producing K-12 educators to liberal arts colleges emphasizing the sciences and engineering. A residual opinion often exists at these institutions, namely that the two goals — to develop future scientists and mathematicians and to produce future science and mathematics teachers — are in conflict. This viewpoint article addresses this problem and is a call for more collaboration among subject librarians with a goal of an enhanced level of service to students and faculty and the overarching mission of the institution.


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