Future of the Internet, Future of Higher Education

“The Pew Foundation’s Internet and American Life Project has just released a report on the future of higher education; as with a number of other reports in their “Future of the Internet” series done in collaboration with the Elon University “Imagining the Internet” project, including the one on big data that I highlighted two weeks ago, it’s a compilation of comments on some specific questions by a wide variety of people that are collected together with some synthesis. These can be quite helpful in getting a sense of the range of (often quite informed) opinion on the issues. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of emphasis on the role of the Internet and of technologies broadly.

The announcement and pointers to the report both online and in downloadable PDF are at: http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2012/Future-of-Higher-Education.aspx

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI


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