More on collaborative information seeking

This is the “Report on the Second Workshop on Collaborative Information Seeking: New Orleans, 12 October, 2011″ by Chirag Shah, Preben Hansen and Rob Capra in the journal, Information Research. From the introduction, they note that

People working together for information seeking activities is not new, nor is researchers’ and practitioners’ interest in studying such situations of collaborative information seeking and creating solutions for supporting and enhancing them. In the 1990s, Grudin (1994) outlined factors that developers need to consider when creating collaboration solutions (groupware systems), and Twidale (Twidale and Nichols 1996) studied collaborative episodes in the context of virtual reference interactions in a library using his Ariadne interface. Other researchers have looked at aspects of the subject, but the majority of them remained limited to specific domains or situations. It was not until recently that researchers and practitioners from different disciplines started coming together for conversations and collaborations about collaborative information seeking and related topics.


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