Sharing Our Collections : Looking to the Future

Sunday June 24, 10:30AM-12:00PM, Anaheim Convention Center 213AB   Sharing Our Collections : Looking to the Future.
Sponsored by the LLAMA SASS / RUSA STARS Cooperative Remote Circulation Committee

Cooperative and consortial resource sharing is blurring the lines between Circulation, Access Services, and Interlibrary Loan as libraries find new ways to share collections and create efficiencies.  This program will look at the future of consortia: shared e-book collections, floating collections, cloud-based integrated library systems, and the need to be increasingly flexible and collaborative to meet the opportunities and challenges of the future.

Carmit Marcus from Ex Libris will describe what is envisioned for next generation Information Systems and answer some of our questions about them. Carmit will use her experience as one of the developers of the Alma cloud-based ILS to explain how these systems are evolving to keep up with today’s technological advances.

Janet Schneider from the Arapahoe Library District will explain how floating collections in a multi-facility library system allows patrons to shape the collections at their home library. There are advantages to the floating collection concept as well as some challenges and requirements that need to be in place for successful implementation.

Linda Di Biase from the University of Washington will provide an overview of the groundbreaking Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) cooperative e-book purchasing project that the Orbis Cascade Alliance has implemented in collaboration with EBL and YBP. This demand-driven mode allows patron behavior to determine what is collectively owned by the consortia.

After attending this program, participants will have a better understanding of evolving library systems and innovative approaches to providing user-center library services.

We hope you will be able to join us for this exciting program!

Chelle Batchelor

Head of Access Services / Research Librarian

UW Libraries – Bothell Campus Library

Serving UW Bothell and Cascadia Community College



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