10th Nordic Resource Sharing, Reference and Collection Management Conference

“We would like to draw your attention to the 10th Nordic Resource Sharing, Reference and Collection Management Conference that will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland on October 3 – 5th this year. The conference title is Rethinking Library Services – New technologies – New opportunities.

Our focus this year is on resource sharing in Academic libraries in a broader sense. We will hear colleagues talk about changes in library cooperation, not only regarding traditional ILL functions but also in cataloging and other areas. We will be updated on the latest news from the Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiatiave. And we will be presented with new studies on the cost and effects of e-environment on Academic libraries, how they can possibly gain by resource sharing. We will learn how the users come into the process of building e-collections in libraries (PDA), should the libraries trust the patrons to decide most of their acquistions? How do we decide when to borrow and when to buy? We will hear from information specialists on how users in an Academic environment expect their library to function for them. How can the libraries meet the fast growing user expectations? And last, but not least, how will traditional ILL evolve within this changing environment?

We hope that library professionals from both North America and the Nordic countries will find this conference interesting, wether you work in an ILL department at your library or not, and take this opportunity to visit us this fall. The weather is usually good this time of year with a temperature around 8 – 12°C.

More information about the conference is found here: www.upplysing.is/nordill2012<http://www.upplysing.is/nordill2012>

Here you will also find information about the optional half or full day tours in Iceland before and after the conference.  Please note that the last chance to register at the early bird rate is before August 1st.

On behalf of the Conference Steering Committee,

Thorny Hlynsdottir, ILL/DD service manager National and University Library of Iceland | Arngrimsgata 3 | IS-107 Reykjavík  | ICELAND

e-mail: thorny@landsbokasafn.is<mailto:thorny@landsbokasafn.is> ; ill@landsbokasafn.is<mailto:millisafnalan@landsbokasafn.is>;
Tel.: 354 525 5732 | Fax : 354 525 5765


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