Libraries Thriving: A Collaborative Space for e-Resource Innovation. Thinking and doing.


“With low usage and shrinking budgets, libraries are challenged to   justify resource investments now more than ever.  At the same time,   information users are ill prepared to navigate the amount and quality of   content on the web.  This creates a tremendous opportunity for   libraries to show that they are well equipped to help users navigate   information resources and for users to benefit from this guidance.

Libraries Thriving is an online collaborative community designed to   tackle this opportunity.  Librarians, teaching and learning centers,   faculty and researchers are sharing ideas and working together on this   site to further commons goals of increasing innovative use of   e-resources.

Goals of Libraries Thriving:

  • Help libraries realize their possibility for impact and to address challenges
  • Develop case studies of success that can be replicated
  • Resolve key technical issues that limit progress

Problems that Libraries Thriving addresses:

  • Increase effective use of e-resources
  • Increase visibility and discoverability of libraries on the open web
  • Help alleviate users’ information overload
  • Create seamless access between resources
  • Promote information and digital literacy”

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