Article – The impact of open access on research and scholarship

Heather Joseph from the Association of Research Libraries and SPARC reflects on the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference in the February 2012 C&RL News article.

Heather Joseph, The impact of open access on research and scholarship: Reflections on the Berlin 9 Open Access Conference, College and Research Libraries News, February 2012 73:83-87

She noted that:

Both new and established businesses are taking advantage of the open environment to build analytic and research productivity tools on top of open access article content. Some, such as Mendeley, a company that provides research article management and a research collaboration environment, would not exist without a robust corpus of open-access articles to build on.


Shared goals across communities working for greater openness in other areas of the research process (such as data, teaching, and even the basic conduct of science) are becoming more apparent. Opportunities for new, productive collaborations abound.

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