Two articles in the Journal of Library Innovation

Here are two recent articles from the Journal of Library Innovation.

College Book Clubs: Collaborating for Success” by Lisa A. Forrest

Book Club programming not only adds to the value of the college library, but serves as an excellent marketing and outreach tool for librarians as well. This article describes collaboration between the Women’s Studies Program and E. H. Butler Library at Buffalo State College to establish a Women & Gender Book Club and outlines a model which can be extended to a variety of contexts.

Creative Fundraising Through Campus Collaborations” by Joe C. Clark

Many libraries have traditionally failed to consider unorthodox sources of funding, especially for collection building. Because of resource limitations, librarians are now beginning to work on acquisition projects with non-library entities. This paper examines a number of innovative collaborations on a university campus that yielded substantial collection development monies for a Library Media Department at the University of Maryland.


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