TechPad space and collaboration

Brian Mathews of Virginia Tech wrote “Student Study Space: the entrepreneurial model (my visit to TechPad)” for The Ubiquitous Librarian a little while back. Within the article, he noted that:

Anyone who spends time in an active learning space can attest to the “learning energy” that is generated– and TechPad definitely had that appeal. I wanted to linger as long as possible.

Some takeaways:

  • Openness (can see, be seen, and talk with others)
  • Defined spaces (while open, have clearly delineated work/ownership areas)
  • Flexible (moveable) environment– could rearrange on the fly
  • Collaboration (can work together at desks/tables or jump into a conference room, or head down to the bar)

and more in the post.


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