Collaborative Librarianship finds an Audience

The editors of Collaborative Librarianship are pleased to announce that we have experienced over 122,000 views of our journal and news articles for volume 1 to volume 3 #3 of the journal.  Just in the past three months, we’ve had a 22% increase in readership.  Thanks to our readers – and consider reading the following article from our last issue:

Collaborative Librarianship, Vol 3, No 3 (2011)
Transcendental Metadata: A Collaborative Schema for Electronic Resource Description
Charlene Sorensen, Craig Harkema, Karim Tharani

Abstract: Academic libraries are attempting to manage growing collections of diverse electronic resources in a chaotic environment of evolving standards and systems. The transition from a print-dominated resource environment to an electronic one has complicated the decision-making process. Current discourse primarily focuses on meeting patron needs and has distracted researchers from looking at librarian needs. The authors discovered that librarians want a better understanding of the nature, extent, and diversity of electronic resources for decision making, assessment, and accountability. Drawing from the collaborative methods and design philosophies of other disciplines, this paper outlines an approach to leveraging Web 2.0 philosophy and Business Intelligence techniques to address these needs. This approach will serve as a guide for academic librarians to transcend their current practices in order to develop innovative, collaborative, and holistic approaches to the joint stewardship of library electronic resource collections.


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