ASCLA Interest Groups

Some of the new ASCLA interest groups focus on collaborative activities.

“To join the groups, please click on the links for the groups below; you will be taken to the Connect workspace for the group (you will have to login to Connect first) – then click on the “join” button on the right side of the page to immediately become a member of the group.

If you’re new to ALA Connect, check out the information here to get started:
ASCLA Interest Groups:
ASCLA ICAN (InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking) Collaborative Digitization Interest Group:
ASCLA ICAN (InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking) Consortium Management Discussion Interest Group:

ASCLA ICAN (InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking) Interlibrary Cooperation Interest Group:

ASCLA ICAN (InterLibrary Cooperation & Networking) Physical Delivery Interest Group:
ASCLA LSSP (Libraries Serving Special Populations) LSSP Library Services to People with Visual or Physical Disabilities that Prevent Them from Reading Standard Print Interest Group:
ASCLA SLA (State Library Agencies)/LSTA Coordinators Interest Group:

Don’t see one you’d like to join? Create a new one! Get started here: ASCLA welcomes new interest groups that will help to carry forth our mission and vision:

ASCLA enhances the effectiveness of library service by providing high quality networking, enrichment and educational opportunities for its diverse members, who represent state library agencies, libraries serving special populations, cooperative library organizations and independent librarians.


ASCLA is known as a dynamic organization that supports and engages its membership through
• Preparing members for positions of leadership by providing them with consulting, facilitating, presenting and coaching knowledge and skills.
• Providing high quality continuing education programs.
• Providing leadership within ALA for making library services accessible to all.
• Promoting a lifetime of career opportunities and support.
• Taking a leading role in the development of standards and guidelines to meet the information needs of people with historically limited access to library services and materials.
• Using cutting edge technologies and services to provide educational and networking opportunities. 
• Providing leadership within ALA on emerging issues and trends.
• Collaborating with other units of ALA and other similarly aligned national organizations.
• Developing opportunities for research and publishing projects for members.

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