Phase I of the Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC)

Here is an article from the Journal of the Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science, Volume 1 Number 3 (2011). It is “The Open Annotation Collaboration Phase I: Towards a Shared, Interoperable Data Model for Scholarly Annotation” by Timothy W. Cole, and Myung-Ja Han

This paper reports on preliminary outcomes from Phase I of the Open Annotation Collaboration (OAC), discussing them in the context of illustrative scholarly annotation use cases drawn largely from the domain of renaissance emblem studies. The OAC Phase I project sought to address problems of dysfunction caused by too many different, insufficiently interoperable annotation clients and tools through the development and promulgation of a more resource-centric and web-centric standard for making and disseminating scholarly annotations of Web resources. By focusing on representative use cases and an underlying data model of scholarly annotation more consistent with Semantic Web and Linked Data principles rather than on application-specific or interface-specific issues to do with annotation, the OAC seeks to foster annotation sharing and interoperability.

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