Rethinking Resource Sharing Award nomination

“Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Awards 2011 Application Period Open Now
The Rethinking Resource Sharing (RRS) Innovation Awards recognizes and honors an individual or institution for changes they made to improve users’ access to information through resource sharing in their library, consortium, state or country. It is hoped that the award will encourage libraries and librarians to make changes in how they do resource sharing to improve service to users.  RRS looks for efforts where people didn’t wait for the profession to provide better services for users. 
The Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Awards consists of a $1,000 cash award and a citation to the entity that applies.  In 2011 Rethinking Resource Sharing will make two awards. The most valuable ideas will be posted to the Rethinking Resource Sharing website ( in the hope that by sharing a great number of creative resource sharing ideas it will inspire others to try and implement similar ideas. 

This is the fourth year the Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Awards have been awarded.  In 2010 the winners were:
• COKAMO: Interstate Library Delivery Service, a linking of regional courier services in Colorado, Kansas and Missouri, and
• DataCite, an international dataset registration initiative. 
Funding for the 2011 Innovation Awards is provided by Relais International and OCLC.
Nominations are accepted for individuals, library institutions, or consortia.  Individuals being nominated must have been employed in a library (anywhere in the world) and held some responsibility for their institution’s resource sharing services at the time the contribution is nominated. Innovations must have gone live since January 2008.
Application process:
Self nominations as well as nominations for other individuals or institutions/consortia are accepted.  Please submit a description of the user-centric service change you made that has improved resource sharing in your library, consortium or state. Please include the following information:
• Describe a new service you offer, or how you changed an existing service.  Explain how it improved your users’ access to information or otherwise improved service.  Provide statistics or other indicators of impact and trends
• Indicate how long this idea has been in place; when did it start operation?
• Describe briefly the library or consortium in which this resource sharing idea is in place (e.g. size of institution, number of requests processed and filled, etc).
• Describe how your user-centered service fits in with the seven principles of the Rethinking Resource Sharing Manifesto.
• How did your library/consortia decide that a change was needed in this area?
• What solutions did you find to overcome barriers to implementing this service?
• Comment on the likelihood that this change will be a permanent change. What steps are you taking to insure that the improvement in service can continue?
Deadline: The deadline for applications/nominations is July 31, 2011 (post-mark or date of e-mail). Submissions are sent to the chair of the Rethinking Resource Sharing Awards Committee:  
Beth Farmer
Assistant Director”

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