NPR considers a question about professional associations

The question is — “Time For Associations To Trade In Their Past?”  Some of the article looks at how associations foster collaboration.

Rebecca Rolfes, author of The Competition Within: How Members Will Reinvent Associations and a not-for-profit prophet, suggested the advent of the open-source association, in which “developer groups would have access to online collaboration tools where they could gather all that input, come up with ideas, and then put them out for the community of members to test and determine their value.”

And Ann Oliveri, who writes The Zen of Associations blog, imagined a future in which associations are “recognized as knowledge ecologies, dynamically connecting theorists, practitioners and clients in adaptive collaboration, continuous loops of experimentation, application, feedback and refinement.”

Pretty interesting stuff.  For those involved in ALA or SLA or ASIST or some other library or information science organization, this has some ramifications.



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