We need to hang together…

Donna Mazziotti and Teresa Grettano (both from the University of Scranton) wrote this article and presented it at the ACRL Conference – “‘Hanging Together’: Collaboration Between Information Literacy and Writing Programs Based on the ACRL Standards and the WPA Outcomes” (PDF)

The initial aim of this project was to find common ground between the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education (hereafter “ACRL Standards”) developed by the Association of College and Research Libraries and the WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition (hereafter “WPA Outcomes”) adopted by the Council of Writing Program Administrators (WPA) in order to foster collaboration between information literacy and first-year writing programs. The presenters hypothesized they would identify clear examples of overlap between the goals articulated in the two documents, and through this pairing would make suggestions as to how academic librarians and writing instructors could collaborate to meet these mutual goals. What the presenters found, though, was so much more.


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