New Report: “Peer Review in Academic Promotion and Publishing”

This report just got published from the Center for Studies in Higher Education at UC Berkeley.

Peer Review in Academic Promotion and Publishing: Its Meaning, Locus, and Future: A Project Report and Associated Recommendations, Proceedings from a Meeting, and Background Papers by Diane Harley and Sophia Krzys Acord with contributions from Sarah Earl-Novell, Shannon Lawrence, and Elise Herrala (The PDF is here.)

Since 2005, and with generous support from the A.W. Mellon Foundation, The Future of Scholarly Communication Project at UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE) has been exploring how academic values—including those related to peer review, publishing, sharing, and collaboration—influence scholarly communication practices and engagement with new technological affordances, open access publishing, and the public good. The current phase of the project focuses on peer review in the Academy; this deeper look at peer review is a natural extension of our findings in Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication: An Exploration of Faculty Values and Needs in Seven Disciplines (Harley et al. 2010).


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