The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians: From Vision to Implementation

Wake Forest University, March 10 & 11, 2011

 The libraries of Wake Forest University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro have come together to organize the The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians: From Vision to Implementation conference. This conference, for library entrepreneurs and those who want to learn from them, will be held for the second time March 10-11, 2011 and will be held on the campus of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. Join us to continue to share and celebrate entrepreneurial accomplishments in libraries.

The first Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration conference was held on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro in June of 2009. Keynoters Steven J. Bell and Joyce L. Ogburn provided foundation for the conference explaining the challenges and rewards of the entrepreneurial librarian. Other presenters identified many successful ventures and illustrated the variety of interpretations of what it means to be an entrepreneurial librarian.

Join us for The Conference for Entrepreneurial Librarians this March, 2011 and for the pre-conference webinar in September, 2010. We will jointly create a community of interested librarians who will perpetuate the discussion beyond the conference. Registration for the webinar is now open. And, submit a presentation proposal under Call for Presentations for the March, 2011now!

Watch for an article on the 2009 Conference in the next issue of Collaborative Librarianship.”


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